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One of the first things every webmaster thinks about, is a question: How to build a complete website?

If it’s just a simple website containing few separate pages and some text only (personal homepage for example) you can take any free HTML editor (or just a Notepad) and simply start writing the code. When you need to update the content or add a little more information, it’s pretty easy – just open created HTML page using any HTML editor again and start editing. It‘s done. But let’s say you need to build a big website which contains not only a few lines of simple text, but also needs to be updated often. What’s the solution?

I’m sure you won’t code every page separately. Ok, it’s not hard to make several pages in this way, but what to do if you need more? Hundreds of pages? Thousands of pages? Content Management System (or just CMS) will help you to make this task much, much easier. I think it’s not needed to expand this topic by explaining other advantages of Content Management Systems (I‘ll do it in the near future if you are interested). This one is the most important – CMS can make your work much, much easier. The problem is, that some people still think CMS is for kids only and real webmaster must build everything himself starting from zero. But don’t understand CMS as Mambo, PHP-Nuke, XOOPS or any other open source project only. Let’s analyse some big portals, for example. Do you think they create separate pages for every software listed? No. Webmaster just fill outs a special form including software title, category, links to publishers websites and some additional data. That’s all, software is added into the appointed category and becomes a part of entire website automatically. As you understood already, actually it’s the unique Content Management System, just made by special request to meet all the requirements and more powerful than any other.

Another personal example: I never repair my car if i don‘t know how. I‘m going to the service. So why should you code the complete website if you are not a programmer? Take any free Content Managament System or pay some money for professionals to get your own CMS and start your website. While any ©00L H4x0r will make everything himself (because he thinks it‘s needed for real webmaster), you will make real money using the complete and powerful product already.