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Links Exchange – Don’t Give a Link for Free

Links exchange. Most webmasters start promoting their websites by exchanging plain text links with other websites. It’s a great way to get more traffic because text link serves as a “vote” for major search engines. The more links you have pointing to website – the higher popularity you get in search engines, website appears at the top of search results and more traffic comes.

Simple, right? You just need to find as much partners as possible and start counting incoming links. But be very careful when searching for new partners to exchange links. Why? Because i saw lots of webmasters which give you “not real” link. If you ask yourself: “What does mean not real link?”, there is an explanation… Search engines (Google for example) count just plain text links. If spider finds this link – Software News – it’s ok, because this link is direct. But i’m sure you saw some links, which just point user to another website and looks like for example. When visitor clicks on this link, internal script starts working and assigned website is opened. Everything looks just fine, but you should know, that search engines don’t count these links and you don’t get any credits.

Do you need a better example? Here it is… Let’s say you give me 10 dollars and when i need to give them back, i do this: take a pencil, paper and write – 10 Dollars. The results: you have 10 dollars, but actually you have nothing at the same time. Yes, just big 0. The same thing is here. Webmaster asks you to place a simple text link and he adds hardcoded link to your website. The fact is, that webmaster gets some nice credits for free. Oh, i forgot to say… You get something too – nice 0.

If someone offers you to exchange text links, don’t be fooled. Ask for a simple text link or just decline this offer and search for a better partner.