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Welcome People!

Welcome to the Personal Blog of Mindaugas Lipskas.

Few months have passed since this domain was bought by me. All the time it was inactive and not used. After checking statistics for this blog today, saw these results – blog gets traffic from search engines when people search for my name on the net. So why shouldn’t i give something more than just a title of my name?

After some remarks “Start Blogging!” decided to make a nice place for webmasters. I’m successfully running one website for almost 6 months and i’ll be glad to share my personal experience and useful tips about search engine optimization (known as SEO), increasing your monthly income or just post a short comment about any other website on the net. You don’t need to follow all these steps. Just read, analyse and think yourself – “How could I use it?”.

Everything you will find here – just my personal opinion and nothing more. Don’t agree? Post a comment and discuss with me!