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Should I Customize My Blog?

Interesting… I just launched my personal blog and received tens of questions and suggestions… It seems, that blog readers are active as never and I’m very happy to see all your comments. The most popular suggestion – Customize your blog. Here are some most interesting quotes to read:

podz says:

It’s a default out-of-the-box install.

gnawph says:

If you’re making a blog for websites realize that many web developers, such as myself, find out of the box installs pretty boring.

jonimueller says:

It’s a plain vanilla WP install. When you are pointed to ways to make that better by employing themes, you then scoff and say that you can’t trust anyone using a WP template because they haven’t demonstrated their own ability.

duncan says:

You don’t even seem to be able to customise a template

ifelse says:

A little work on the design side will pay dividends and will help people look beyond the look to what’s underneath.

Okay… It’s simple out of the box WordPress Install (with some optimizations for major search engines), but after reading my introduction you should know that main reason to start this blog – information sharing. However, your feedback is very important and after reading all your comments i decided to hire a webdesigner. But seems that some blog readers are not happy again: “You MUST DO it yourself to show us your skills”. Can’t understand anything. Did I say “I’m professional webdesigner and this blog is dedicated to show my skills and abilities”? I’m sure I didn’t.
I’m just webmaster and don’t have any experience making a custom design or graphics, so why should i do this? Standard WordPress skin is really nice, simple to navigate, not overloaded. Of course, I could customize it to show you a big crap. But i won’t do it, because Personal Blog of Mindaugas Lipskas doesn’t pretend to win Webdesign made by complete idiot awards. Do you still want to see my customized blog?