Good-Bye and Hello Google PageRank

If you are a webmaster, you know about Google PageRank a lot. It’s one of the most important factors for every webmaster. Even if Google PageRank is not so important as most people think, the disappearance of PageRank caused a lot of hot discussions. We hadn’t any official confirmation about this issue from Google Team and today it’s working again like before. But can we imagine our life without it?

Because I’m selling plain text links for advertisers, I got a lot of emails from blog visitors. The main question was: “How do you think, will webmasters stop buying text links from now? Can we say a Good-Bye for our business?”. I don’t think so. Why? Let’s say Google PageRank gone forever. What does it mean to individual webmasters? Nothing actually.

Even if PageRank is gone, do you think Google will stop counting incoming and outgoing links? Sure you don’t. Will it affect rankings on other search engines (MSN, Yahoo, etc.)? No way. It means, that links leading to your website will be one of the most important factors. The more links you have, the better positions you get.

Sure, there is a category of webmasters which buy text links just for PageRank. But I can’t imagine how it is possible to make money just because there is your link on website with high PageRank. I always thought you can make money by selling products (software, hardware, cars, space ships or whatever) or services (advertising services, hosting or e-mail services, etc.). No one customer is interested what your PageRank is. He is interested in your services. And even if text link doesn’t boost PageRank anymore (we imagine it doesn’t exist at all, remember?) it still “makes” new customers. An user visits any website, looks at your interesting text ad and clicks on it. That’s all, new customer is here.

That’s why professional webmasters shouldn’t stop buying text ads. I know some webmasters buying text link ads just for boosting Google PageRank. Well, if they think it helps to make more money, I’ll wish them Good Luck. But remember: by buying a text link, you don’t buy PageRank, you build link popularity what is more important step to increase your sales.

It’s time to finish our journey in the world without PageRank because it came back again. Would it be a better world? Who knows…