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XOOPS in Lithuania

More and more people start using XOOPS content management system (or just XOOPS CMS) in all the world. Lithuania is not an exception. XOOPS gets higher popularity day by day. I was the first person in Lithuania which started using and highly customizing XOOPS a lot of time ago (but I’m not related to XOOPS development in any way like some visitors think). Naturally, I get lots of questions about XOOPS here: How to make it work… Please advise about shorts links… How can I customize my theme… There are problems with modules…, etc. Then I thought: Wouldn’t it be much better to have a place for all XOOPS questions and discussions?Because we don’t have any…

While I’m happy to assist by e-mail, there is a better way for professional tech help and assistance. Here are some advantages listed:

Response time. People need to wait few days sometimes (if I’m far away from PC or have other tasks to do). Every XOOPS user needs to get an answer as fast as possible. That’s why a place for discussions is needed. More smart users guarantee faster response.
More professional help. While I may be able to help in most cases, users have non-standard problems sometimes. That’s why discussions center is a good idea – if any other member had the same problem and solved it sucessfully, he will know how to help or describe what causes that issue at least.
Permanent content. If XOOPS user gets an answer by e-mail, it’s ok, problem is solved. But if reply will be posted on Message Board, it will be stored for ages. Other user won’t need to email the same question again and wait for a solution. It’s possible to use the search function and get an answer within seconds.

Sure, it’s a good idea to make another 100% XOOPS dedicated website, but is it needed right now? First, I don’t have enough time to make a new website. And maintain it day by day… Second, “XOOPS in Lithuania” is not a commercial project at all. It’s for information sharing and free technical help for those, who can’t use english resources for some specific reasons. I’m pretty sure you will agree, that it’s always better to have a small forum and get professional support for free, than have a big portal and pay for every answer you need (you know, that every new website “eats” webmasters money and it’s needed to earn some money for keeping it online).

However, if anyone is ready to build a new website for XOOPS community only, I’ll be glad to see it. But you can simply visit XOOPS in Lithuania forums and ask for free help right now.