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Do You Need To Get a High PageRank?

You know that Google PageRank is something that every webmaster feels he must have. Some webmasters like to say: “I do not care about Google PageRank at all, why should I?”, but they still work and work to make it higher. Other webmasters say: “I must have a high PageRank”, but they even do not know why. And what is the truth to this madness? What are the benefits to having a high Google PageRank? Does it help you to be listed in the top of search results? Bring more traffic to your website? Increase your earnings? Sometimes – Yes. But are there any disatvantages of having a high PageRank?

Actually, having a high PageRank is no guarantee you will be listed in the top of Google search results. Yes, we are talking about Google only, because other search engines do not care about your PageRank at all. But do you know, that even Google cares about Title, Description, Original Content and some Other Factors first when listing websites in search results?

Having a high PageRank is no guarantee your website will start receiving more traffic. If it is not listed in the top of results, how can you get more traffic from search engines? It’s impossible, believe me.

But having a high PageRank can help you increasing your earnings sometimes. How? When Google Toolbar users visit your website, they see lots of green in Google Toolbar, what indicates your website is worthy of a high ranking. It helps you to attract new customers if you know how. A great example – text link business. You can start selling text link ads for advertisers if your website has Google PageRank 5 or higher. But we talk about text links only. Advertisers who are looking for banner ads, are not interested in your rankings, because hardcoded URLs are used to redirect visitors, what means that banner doesn’t serve as a vote for search engines. It just generates a lot of attention and attract new customers for advertiser, but that’s all. If you will visit Software News Advertising Services page for example, you will see, that hardcoded URL is used before you are redirected to the “right” place.

But how do you think: Are there any disatvantages of having a high Google PageRank? If your answer is “No”, you are wrong. Many webmasters (owning websites with low PageRank) will contact you every day and ask to exchange text links. And I don’t think you will like to receive these “good” offers and trade links with worthless websites.

Do not think how to get a high PageRank. Try to get new visitors and potential customers to your website. Try to get better positions in search results. PageRank does not increase your earnings. But new customers do. Think about it…