Make Your Online Business

I was visiting one of message boards around the internet last night and saw an interesting title – “How can I make money on the Internet?”. One computer guy just asked about any opportunities to make some money using his computer and internet connection. He simply wanted to “make about $50 per year”. But the most interesting thing was, that most answers were: “Forget about it, it’s not possible”, “Just idiots believe it’s possible to work online”, “You need to find a real job if you want to make real money”, “No one has made money online yet” and so on.

And you know what? Actually, I was shocked a little. The first mind in my head was – “What am I doing in my life? Am I just another idiot on the net? Should I find a “real” job now?”. But isn’t there any opportunity to have your own business online? Yes, it is. And if someone tells you it’s not possible, don’t believe. There are a lot of opportunities, you just need to choose one.

  • Paid per Click Programs.
  • Google AdSense is a great example of paid per click programs available on the internet. All you need is to insert a special code to your website and each time users are visiting your website, specific ads are displayed. If visitor clicks any ad, you receive some money. Traffic must be highly targeted and website must be popular. Don’t think that every visitor will see an ad and think “Oh, what an ad, I’ll click it to see what this company offers for me!”. Just about 0.5-5% of all visitors may click on your ads. So think – you need to attract thousands of visitors at least to make a nice income. If traffic is very highly targeted, think about affiliate programs.

  • Affiliate Programs.
  • Let’s say you have any website with thousands of visitors. If you are running your website about spyware for example, you can promote and sell 3rd party spyware removal tools for your visitors. If your visitor buys any product, you get commissions from software developers. But website isn’t required to be software related only. If you are running hardware related website, it’s possible to sell computer devices and get nice commissions. If website is travels related, you can sell tickets, vacation packages and so on. But remember, that you need to have very highly targeted traffic. Only interested visitor will buy a product you offer. If I’m interested in computer software and you offer me to buy a new car through your website, how do you think – Will I buy it?

  • Selling Your Products.
  • You can make a lot of money by selling your products or services online. You can sell webhosting services, VIP membership on your website, offer custom services (programming, web building and design, write original articles, etc.). It’s easy enough if you have some experience already, but if not – it will be very hard to start. It’s not enough just to attract interested visitors. You need to convert them to customers. And if you need to convert visitors to buyers, you must have a nice feedback about your work from current customers.

  • Advertising by Terms.
  • One of the easiest ways to make money online if you have some good websites with thousands of unique visitors every day. If website is built and receives thousands if visitors already, all you need is to find potential advertisers and explain why it’s better to advertise with you (banner ads, plain text link ads, billboard ads, pop-ups or whatever), but not with your competitors.

I don’t say it’s very easy to get started and I can not guarantee you will be lucky running online business. I can just confirm – it’s possible. Of course, there are more ways to work online using just your knowledge, computer and internet connection. Just remember the main rule before starting: the more money you want to get, the more money you need to spend first. And if you are serious about that, you can make more than $50 per year. You can make more than $50 per month. Actually, you can make more than $500 per month. And if you work hard, you see that even $5000 per month isn’t the limit.