How to Optimize Web Site Conversion Rates?

All webmasters know – if you need your products or services to be sold, you need to be seen by your customers. The problem is that sales effectiveness depends on the content displayed on your site’s pages. Naturally, if you want to increase sales ratio, you need to display very relevant and persuasive content for your visitors. As I’m selling a few types of services myself, I know how hard it is to convert visitors to new customers. While I was thinking how to solve that problem, one of my friends sent me a message about a new product called SiteSpect, which gives web marketers the power to scientifically test, fine-tune and optimize their web site’s landing pages and key conversion pages through A/B testing, split testing and even multivariate testing. It’s a great time to check this tool, isn’t it?

As the product’s owner says, web marketers use the SiteSpect system to automatically create variations of their web site pages. Elements such as copy, headlines, offers, pricing, images, layout, and even functionality can be tested on live visitors. Once a test is running, SiteSpect presents these test variations to the site’s visitors, and tracks behavior to see how each variation impacts conversions such as purchases, leads submitted, registrations, self-service, etc. For example, a single test can determine the most profitable combination of a product description, product image and promotional offer.

One of the best features I have discovered is that the SiteSpect service is 100% non-instrusive. The web site marketer can start using the product without any changes to their physical website – what is a good thing! Why? Personally I don’t think that you would like to make tens or even hundreds of visible changes on main website just because you need to find the best way to sell your products or services online. SiteSpect lets you test changes, without actually changing your site. As visitors surf through your website, SiteSpect dynamically changes the site’s content “on the fly” and delivers it to the end user. Since web marketers like me and you can now test and fine-tune their site themselves (without having to ask their IT department to make modifications for each test), they can focus on improving sites proactively and in step with changing trends and user behavior.

The final decision after using this service for a few days, is: SiteSpect is a pioneering solution that makes it easy for web marketers to run sophisticated tests that optimize their site’s effectiveness and profitability. I like this service, because it combines advanced statistical analysis, experimental design methodology, and even the Taguchi method, which makes it possible to test thousands of possible site changes. By automating the process of landing pages testing and conversion rate optimization, SiteSpect reveals the optimal set of content, enabling the web site owner to boost their sales and maximize site effectiveness. Why shouldn’t you give a try?