Google AdSense vs Yahoo Publisher Network

Many webmasters want to make as much money as possible to cover server costs and get some profit for running any website. The most popular way to monetize your traffic is contextual advertising. How does it work? Webmaster needs to place a special code on his website to start earning money. Once new visitor comes to your website, relevant text or image ad is delivered. If visitor is interested in ad displayed, he clicks it and brings you money. Simple, isn’t it? There are some networks which offer this form of online advertising: AdEngage, Clicksor, Kanoodle, TargetPoint and others. But when we talk about making money from website, we mean Google AdSense – the most popular contextual advertising network in the universe. Google AdSense network has many advertisers and even more publishers. And their payout ratio was the best. Yes, it’s not a mistake, I really wrote IT WAS. Does it mean there is something better now?

As you may know, Yahoo! has launched its own advertising network, called Yahoo Publisher Network which is still in Beta. Only persons from United States of America with special invites can join and test this network at the moment. However, once Beta tag will be removed, it should be available for other countries as well. But enough chit-chat, let’s talk about Yahoo Publisher network to make it clear.

I have joined Yahoo contextual advertising network this week and didn’t expected much. Actually, I just placed single Yahoo Ad on one of my websites. To be honest, Yahoo code was inserted only into index page of website, because I wanted nothing but to test this system and know how it works. Code was placed and forgotten for a few days. I have checked my account today and I was really impressed. I just can’t imagine if one of my websites (where Yahoo code was placed) is very special or there is any other reason, but Yahoo pays me 2 or 3 times more than Google does. And trust me, there are no expensive keywords on my website, it’s just a simple site which has almost no traffic at the moment.

It may be, that Yahoo! has so good payout ratio because Yahoo Publisher Network is just launched and they really need to attract more advertisers who will bring money. Lots of money. But the most important thing – they need to have as many publishers as possible. Any contextual advertising network is nothing without valued publishers. That’s why Yahoo! may pay more money now – they want current website owners to leave Google and join Yahoo!. Well, if not to leave, then to try Yahoo Publisher Network and judge it at least. But if Yahoo! will keep this payout ratio once their network will be available to the public, folks from Google will have to take some actions. I’m sure they will. And it’s even better for you… And me.