Work and Intelligence – Your Way to Make Money Online

Making money on the Internet is a reality. Unfortunately, 90% of the people who try – fail. Do you want to be in the successful 10%? All you need is two things – work and intelligence which combined will bring you the cash.

Why intelligence? Well, it’s all about working the smart way which involves intelligence and a lot. I have met people who’ve written hundreds of articles about completely irrelevant topics which are leaving them peanuts per day.

I have therefore given the secret of the Internet – writing. Believe it or not, the Internet is all about letters and it’s going to be that way for as long as you and I breathe. If you don’t know how to write, I suggest you learn for writing is a skill which can be learn and improved. When you know how to write, building your own website is the next step to follow. Your website should be based around a high-paying keyword (or many) and NOT about free or entertainment-related topics (such as jokes or movies) for there’s a ton of competition and the pay is extremely low.

Internet business is based on niche topics meaning that you must do plenty of research into a keyword and build a website around that. The keyword must be high-paying because it promotes a product. Some examples include metal detectors, TVs, and jewelry for they are all good products to promote.

When you choose a product, building the actual website is the step to follow. Write as much as you can – preferably one or two articles per day – get relevant links and you will be at the top of the search engines within months.

The final step is to get into a good affiliate program. AdSense is most webmaster’s choice as it is very easy to implement and good-paying. However, if you are building a website based on promoting a specific product, I recommend two more ways to generate revenue:

A) Contact the product’s merchants for information in promoting their product.
B) Find more affiliate programs to join.

My experience tells me that AdSense, though great, may not be the best if you have very targeted traffic as they only pay per click. If you have very good traffic, capable of purchasing a product, you are better off with contacting a real merchant and if your website goes well enough, you might consider it your new e-commerce site and revenue will at least double.

Big “Thanks” goes to ngi112 for publishing his opinion about online business.