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Buy Text Link Ads Wisely

If you want to receive more traffic from search engines, you know – text link ads can help you. Search engines are counting how many other pages are linking to your website, because it’s the best way to determine how important your website is. It is known as Link Popularity as well. Link building may help you to not only get better positions in SERPs, but it helps to increase incoming traffic too. So what should you think about before buying text link ads?

Well, different webmasters use different tactics and it’s normal, because they have different websites. However, you should know some things before spending your money on text link ads. Here are some parameters to check:

  • Google PageRank.
  • Some webmasters claim it’s not important at all, some others say it should be factor #1. If you buy text links to increase your own Google PageRank, you may want to see your links on websites with high Google PageRank. But even if you are not interested to increase your PR, you won’t buy text link ads on low PR pages, because low PR indicates that site is not worth to display your ads. But remember: high PageRank does NOT mean more traffic. Some people believe they will receive more incoming traffic if they will have higher Google PageRank. False! So anything with PR4 or above should be OK.

  • Number of visitors.
  • Naturally, the more visitors have website you are advertising your services on, the more traffic you will receive from this website. But don’t be fooled by this factor. Even if website can deliver you thousands of visitors per month, it doesn’t mean these visitors will be converted into customers. Some beginners buy text links on sites with high traffic, because they still believe it can increase their sales. False! Need some examples? Let’s say you have a company which provides professional reseller hosting and you need more customers. You buy text link ads on highly visited website, but you can’t increase your sales. Why? It depends on traffic. If you have placed your advertisement on huge website which is visited by kids (MySpace like websites, gaming websites, anime communities, etc.), you just wasted your money. Do you really think that kids will buy your services? But if you will place your ads on site which is dedicated to webmasters (no matter how many visitors site has per day), you will be lucky. It’s called targeted traffic. Don’t forget – huge traffic from kiddie websites is WORTHLESS. So search for websites with professional audience and don’t waste your money to buy advertising services on worthless websites.

  • Link placement.
  • You will receive more traffic if your link will be placed in good position (side menu, top of page, etc.). But if you just want to get better positions in search engines, even text link in footer (those are cheaper) will produce good results. Also check site’s design. If it doesn’t loook like a big crap – go ahead.

  • The price.
  • Well, I won’t say nothing new here. The better website – the higher price for text links. Don’t go with websites which offer low prices. I see many webmasters who ask from $1 to $5 for text links on their websites. And I’m surprised that some advertisers are interested in this deal. But think: would you buy a new car at $3000 while other new cars cost $30.000? You will know that something is wrong. The same thing applies here – no one smart webmaster will give away text links at low price if he knows he can deliver good results. And if have found webmasters who tell you: “It’s very very limited offer, I’ll sell your text link ads at $2 per month on my website”, go away as soon as you can. Only kids make “very very limited offers” and offer low price. Find someone who is asking for more money, because you will be sure you will see the results.

Well, there are more important things you need to know before buying text links. But if you are not experienced very well, feel free to use this list to find good link partners. Experience will come… Good luck!