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Don’t Buy Low Value Domains

Webmasters buy and sell domain names every day and it’s nothing strange – the seller may get some income from his domains which are not in use, and seller may get valuable domain names which are registered already. The better domain you want – the higher price you will pay. Domains with 0 value may cost a few dollars only, because webmasters want nothing but to get ride of them. And domains with high potential will cost thousands of dollars. However, more and more people (especially kids) start selling “valuable” domain names with “high potential” for 10 or 20 bucks usually. Want to buy one of them? Don’t rush!

The first strange thing is the price itself. Let’s think a little – will any webmaster sell a great domain for several bucks? Absolutely yes, but only if he is an idiot. But idiots never have any valuable domains, so what’s the trick? Well, they just want you to think this is a great domain and you absolutely must buy it. There is a new strategy made by kids who are selling their domain names – Overture results. They just register stupid domains with nice keywords like “sex”, “porn”, “medicine”, “pharmacy” and post Overture results for these keywords to let you know how may searches for these keywords are made per month. Such a “great offer” is followed by text – Just look how many visitors you will receive per month. Crap. Total crap.

If domain contains one or more good keywords, it means nothing. Only total idiot may think that if he will buy “” name, he will get 13582989 visitors every month (7124645 searches for sex, 4269132 for porn, 179691 for medicine, 292798 for medicine, 413173 for viagra, 906272 for gambling and 397278 for poker keywords). If you don’t have SEO knowledge and money, even the best domain in the world won’t help you to get traffic for selected keyword. And if you have good knowledge and loads of money to invest, you may get nice traffic for keyword “porn” when owning any domain like “”.

Another example – this is just one of thousands of messages from webmaster forums – I’m selling for $10. There are 228091 searches for keyword “disney world” on Overture. So what!? If this young boy will believe this domain has any value, he won’t sell it for $10. The fact is, that domain is worthless.

If you are looking for domains to buy, don’t think about Overture. If you like this domain and believe it will make you some money, buy it. If you want this domain just because it has such a “great” keyword and will produce huge traffic, just read this article from beginning. And if you see any young boy making himself “experienced and smart” webmaster by selling domains with nice Overture stats on some webmaster forums, be sure to post a link to this article below his post on any forum.