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How to Get Banned in 2 Days

I’ll be pretty right if I’ll say that 100% webmasters want to get their websites index by search engines as quickly as possible. As you know, to get your new website indexed, you need to place some backlinks on other websites (more = better!) and wait a few weeks or months (depending on site’s size and structure itself) to see the results. The more high quality backlinks you have, the quicker your website is indexed, there is no secret. And what if your completely new website starts receiving hundreds of backlinks per day? Many webmasters will say that it will help to be indexed really fast. But is it true?

I’m running some BlackHat SEO websites for my own experiments. Most of these sites were launched a few months ago and had some pages (from 100 to 2000) indexed in Google. And the number of indexed pages was not growing for months, but these sites were not banned, what is good. So could I force Google to index these black sites more and keep them in search index? I spent several hours writing simple links spamming script. It just finds relevant pages for your niche and posts spam comments with backlink to black site. Cronjob was created to spam about 1000 websites per day and script started doing its job. Of course, many webmasters require manual approval of comments, some pages have comments disabled, so only about 10-20% spammed websites approved my comments automatically. But from 100 to 200 baclinks per day isn’t bad too, right?

Only a few days have passed and I did a quick search on Google to find out how many pages were indexed. Typed “”, “”, etc. and Google claimed that over 20.000 pages were indexed per site. Over 100.000 indexed pages per 5 sites only in 2 days! Too good to be true? Yes, it was too good. When I wanted to see what pages are indexed exactly, Google displayed 0 results for all my black websites. Even if you see something like Results 1 – 10 of about 24,700 from on the 1st results page, other result pages clearly show you have 0 pages indexed.

Conclusion? All websites were banned in Google immediately once heavy links spamming was started. At least you know what NOT to do for your normal websites to get indexed. Don’t spam thousands of useless pages for useless backlinks, unless you really want to get your (competitor’s) site banned.