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Is Blog Spam Effective Today?

If you have your personal blog, you know know about blog spam. Even if you don’t have any blog, you know about blog spam too. It’s done by automatically posting comments to thousands of blogs on the Internet and promoting various commercial services or trying to get sites indexed fast. Incoming text links also help to get better search engine rankings and increase site’s revenue by attracting more potential customers. Blog spam became so popular, that Google even introduced “nofollow” tag to stop all this madness. However, many spammers still use this method, so there is a question – is blog spam effective today?

The basic idea of “nofollow” tag was top stop indexing spam sites. If you post some comments with link to your website, and blog adds “nofollow” tag to all comments automatically, Google does not give any rankings to your website. Sounds good, so why thousands of webmasters still do comment spam? First of all, other search engines like Yahoo! and MSN do not care about this stuff and your site gets credits for each incoming link you place on other blogs. Second thing is, that even Google follows this tag! Yes, they can say whatever they want, but the fact is, that Google still indexes these sites. I was playing with blog spam for about 3 months and have some good news for lovers of Black SEO.

To get your site indexed and ranked well, you need backlinks. To get your site indexed even faster and ranked better, you need more backlinks. And thousands of blogs look like a good place to drop your backlinks. The only task you need to do – bypass antispam plugins and automate this process completely. This is what tool named Trackback Submitter (used by many webmasters who love to automate comments posting) exactly does. So I launched some new sites and started spamming blogs. The results were better than expected – most of sites started getting indexed within 48-72 hours and traffic was increased highly. Needless to say this campaign had very positive results for earnings from these websites.

I believe this little experiment answers main question – Yes, blog spam is still effective today! This method is alive and does its job. However, it’s very hard to get amazing results without right tools, but blog spam works and brings the money. Lots of money. And this is the main reason why you and me get so many spam comments on personal blogs – it’s all about the money.