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Make AdSense Money Automatically

If you are running AdSense based websites to make money online, probably you spend lots of time writing unique content, driving visitors to pages with AdSense code and thinking how to increase click ratio and overall AdSense income. Needless to say, that launching more and more AdSense based websites will take more and more time, and one day you will realize you don’t have free time anymore to build new websites. Of course, there are at least 2 ways to solve this issue – either hire someone to build AdSense based sites for you, either completely automate website building process.

The second solution looks really hard (or even impossible for some webmasters), but it’s not hard at all, really. All you need to do – get software which builds AdSense based websites automatically and watch how your AdSense income grows month by month. “Ok, but there is no software to build AdSense sites automatically” – I heard some webmasters saying. About 9-12 months ago I found some tools to build content automatically, but they were very slow, stored all the content on static files and had no extra features. Thankfully, AdSense Boy has released brand new software named Adsense Money Maker recently, so I just had to check it out!

While Adsense Money Maker may look just like another content builder, after installing it on server (installation was more than easy, took about 5 minutes total) I was impressed about tons extra features. It has integrated RSS Pinger which automatically submits RSS feeds to other websites and pings them at specified time, so my website always looks fresh. Beside other nice options, Adsense Money Maker has unique plugin named Links Exchange Mailer. This plugin automatically searches for websites relevant to your site and automatically sends requests to other webmasters for links exchange. This process is automated completely – software finds relevant website, finds email address of its webmaster, sends links exchange request and adds his link to your site if webmaster links back to you. Nice way to get high quality backlinks.

Software comes with 3 different templates (optimized for high click ratio) and you can make custom templates easily. One of other nice features – integrated page cloaker (so you don’t need to spend a few hundreds of dollars to buy other page cloaker) which allows to server different content for search engines and visitors. naturally, there are many more options, but I have no time to describe all of them…

Hey, it’s time for results and conclusion, isn’t it? Starting from December of 2006, I built about 10 sites using Adsense Money Maker and results are pretty cool (actually, results are awesome, because I didn’t expect software to do its job so well). Google AdSense earnings were trippled in 3 months and I really feel I’m in the right way of making AdSense money automatically. At last I have free time to do other tasks instead of spending all the day to make new AdSense websites.

By the way, I have discount code ($50 off!) for Adsense Money Maker and I believe developer of this software will not mind if I’ll share this coupon with you. When ordering Adsense Money maker, enter 63E3QMY on checkout page and $50 discount will be applied.If you are looking for solution to automate website building and increase your AdSense earnings as well, you may want to check Adsense Money Maker website and become one of these rich webmasters today. However, I’m not sure how long this discount code is valid, so you better hurry up.