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Text Link Advertising – Get Ranked High

I get many questions about search engine rankings from my readers every month, most of questions sounds like this one: “I see your sites are ranked well, how could I get high rankings too?”. Looks hard to answer? It’s not. While some “gurus” will tell you about onsite optimization, valid HTML code, right keywords and other factors to get ranked well, I don’t believe about this anymore. These factors are important, but they shouldn’t be your main concern.

Want some examples? Go to Google and do a quick search for Software News. You will see in #1 or #2 position (depending on search datacenter you use), and this site is mine. If you will check Software News website deeper, you will see it hasn’t valid HTML code, it’s not optimized very well, but it still ranks very well for main keyword and beats monster sites like Computerworld, InfoWorld, ZDNet and others.

Probably you guess what kind of dirty tricks I used to get ranked in 1st page. Well, I must to dissapoint you – no dirty tricks, only high quality backlinks. Lots of backlinks. I just use text link advertising services from Linkworth and enjoy watching how my traffic grows month by month. I know, there are many, many companies to buy backlinks from, but I prefer Linkworth for some very important reasons.

First of all, they have a huge database of partner websites where you can buy backlinks from. Depending on your monthly budget, you may search for partner websites by Google PageRank, price, traffic, topic and other important parameters. Even more – there are many independent reviews from text link buyers (buyers write reviews about partner sites they buy backlinks on).

Second thing I like about Linkworth – I don’t need to worry that my backlinks will appear on trash websites. All partner sites must be approved by experienced people before they are allowed to sell backlinks, so only high quality and relevant sites are listed on their database.

After working with many text link advertising services, I found Linkworth team to be the most friendly and experienced in high quality links building. While some other companies have no idea what they do exactly (except taking your money), Linkworth staff always pleased me with helpfull answers to all the questions asked and you see the results yourself – my sites are ranked well by search engines and income gets increased day by day. Nice and easy wayt to make money online, isn’t it?

Needless to say this excellent company provides many other SEO services like LinkWords, rotating ads and even more. It would take lots of time to review all these great services, so I will not go deeper today. If you are interested in high rankings (and YOU ARE), I’m sure you will visit Linkworth website immediately after reading this article. So enough chit chat, visit Linkworth site, start building relevant links and increasing your earnings today!