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Blog Spam Goes Live Again

Most of webmasters (and especially blog owners) still remember what happened 12 months ago. One of most powerful backlinks building tool named Trackback Submitter was released and became so effective, that most of webmasters were forced to install antispam plugins on their blogs. Several weeks later software got new functions to trick antispam plugins and comments spam was started – hundreds of Trackback Submitter users were building tons of links per day, and blog owners had nothing to do but to disable trackbacks on their blogs or moderate them strictly.

All blog owners thought this game is over (even if they had to disable some functions like trackbacks to stop all this maddness), but it’s not. After months of research, another tool named Blog Comment Poster was developed to build backlinks automatically again. Based on Trackback Submitter platform, new software is equipped with tons of extra options and features to make backlinks building easy. Blog Comment Poster uses intelligent blog parsing engine and posts 100% unique and relevant comments based on blog itself. Example – if blog contains post about online advertising, software will analyze it and post a comment like “Your thoughts regarding online advertising services sounds like a great idea for me” or similar.

Needless to say, comment message will include link to spammer’s site as well, but because comments look so natural and relevant, webmasters approve them instantly. They just think comments were posted by real person who spent some time reading blog. Want to see what blog owners think about it? Check out Holy Shmoly post. Webmaster of this blog got comments submitted automatically by Blog Comment Poster, and they looked so natural and 100% relevant to blog content, that webmaster thinks message was typed by human fingers. Another blog owner went crazy thinking how to stop this.

Is it good or bad? Everything is up to you. I know, spammers will be very happy to hear about new software and will start building thousands of backlinks per day again, and blog owners will need to fight against this. Unfortunately, this is real life – as long as people will be able to make money online using unethical methods, they will do so. If you own blog and want to know how long it may take for spammers to discover new tool, I have bad news for you. If you will Search Google for Blog Comment Poster, you will see that over 17.000 results are returned, and most of them are links to blogs which were spammed by Blog Comment Poster already. And it’s just beginning of new war between good and bad guys on the Internet today.