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This post contains nothing related to Internet marketing or online business this time. Just want to share some great resources I found while searching for gifts online. May be you will find them useful, especially if you are looking for nautical gifts or something similar to make your (or your friends) home looking better.

Actually, I didn’t search for something special. I just have a friend who is crazy about boats, ships and similar stuff, so nautical gift sounds like a good idea. Google search did its job well (like always) and one of websites offering nautical decor catched my eye. Not because of amazing design with tons of graphics (it has simple, but easy to use interface) or any other visual stuff. Website offers so many gifts and other nautical things, that I had to spend more than a hour looking at online catalog and thinking what to choose.

Finally, decided to choose something from model ships. It wasn’t very easy task, because more than 150 ships are available there, but it’s good. Realy nice to see so many options to choose from. Another nice surprise – free shipping. Yes, I went to checkout page and couldn’t find shipping cost. That was strange, but only then I realized shipping is free for all gifts. Final checkout process was fast and easy, order was confirmed and “Atlantic Yacht Model 24” should be shipped within next 3 business days. Just can’t wait for it!