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In Search of Paradise

The summer is gone away, but being busy with website marketing, network software development, online advertising and other Internet related activity, I had no time for holidays this year. So I promised myself to have extremely cool holidays next summer and started looking for real estate in Puerto Vallarta already. If you are interested how it was going, just read my recent experience below.

If you want to know why I search for a villa in Puerto Vallarta, here you go – it’s one of the most paradisiacal places of the world. This magic place offers not only rich culture, but also outstanding activities and various entertainment options. Exactly what I need. The destination was confirmed, it was needed just to find Puerto Vallarta condos or villas. And it was the most hard part.

After sleepless nighs and weeks of search, no one company was able to offer things I desired. Some companies didn’t offer many options to choose from, some other companies didn’t look trustable, etc. Not very good start. After several calls to friends I got some suggestions for Puerto Vallarta real estate resources. Nothing to loose, moving on.

When visiting, I was pleasantly surprised – this agency seem to offer not only villas, but also condos (a type of joint ownership of real property), what may sound very attractive for people who don’t like to spend much. 3 or 4 bedroom villa with maximum comfort at fair price – this is what most of families look for. A wide variety of condos is available too, and I like the price.

After filling out online form, I was contacted by nice person who was able to answer all my questions and inquiries, and provided me some extra information which can be useful for anyone who is looking for real estate in Mexico.

I don’t know what type of villa or condo I’ll choose yet, but it will be from – that’s for sure. At least this endless search is over, I just need to study all the options they offer and make the right decision for most perfect holidays next summer.