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Preserving My Memories

After finishing big software development works last week, I had some free time to spend, so I just took my old 8mm films and was going to enjoy watching them, but I forgot one of most important things – these films have really bad quality. The quality was acceptable many years ago, but it just couldn’t be compared to current technology like DVD or HDTV. Still, many people keep these old films to enjoy their irreplaceable memories, but there is not much joy watching bad quality movies. But it’s possible to convert 8mm film to DVD and restore its originalk (or even better) quality. This is not a joke, trust me.

There are some companies offering film transfer service and if you want to preserve your family’s memories, go ahead! It may look a little bit expensive, but your memories are priceless, aren’t they? So it’s definitely worth!

If you don’t have too much free time in your hands to research for companies offering film transfers, try Video Conversion Experts. This company offered perfect service transferring 8mm film to DVD for me, and their professional team deserved to be mentioned on this business blog at least.

Video Conversion Experts offers both software and hardware transfers (hardware method is more expensive, but produces very high quality), and can transfer not only 8mm films, but also 16mm films and aged videotapes. Another thing – 100% satisfaction guarantee. After transferring all movies to DVDs, one of very old films wasn’t restored very well and Video Conversion Experts re-transferred this movie in perfect quality for free! This is what can be called prompt customer service.

If you understand that memories are priceless, be sure to transfer 8mm film to DVD like I did last week. You will be proud of yourself!