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Sad Story

This is a little bit sad story which happenned to my business partner (we do custom software and scripts programming together) from Fort Worth (Dallas). After working hard for years, he decided to make the biggest investment in his life – buy a house. Everything looked just perfect – the price was low, and house was in good condition. Only later he found the reason why price was so low – house was full of termites. Yes, guy wasn’t smart enough to search for company offering termite control in Dallas before investing his money.

The biggest problem about these pests – usually the damage of termites can not visible until it’s too late. And this kind of damage is costly, very costly. Naturally, guy had nothing left but to find licensed specialists for terminte control in Fort Worth to fix current problems and prevent even bigger damage in the near future.

Thankfully, the situation wasn’t very bad. After first inspection, specialists have recommended the appropriate treatment to control the termites and warranted their work for a year. The treatment was easier than expected – guy didn’t need to leave his house (this Dallas Termite Control company uses very low toxicity chemicals), and complete process took less than 3 hours (really experienced people work there).

Moral of the story? Better spend some money for professional pests inspection before buying a house – it will save you money and time in the future!