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Another hour of my life spent browsing the Internet without any important reason and looking for interesting stuff from A to Z. But it wasn’t just wasting of the time, because I was able to find some cool things and this blog entry should be useful for building owners and also for persons who love to save their money. This post is about… exit signs.

You saw glowing “Exit” plates probably everywhere – shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, skyscrapers, night clubs, etc. But did you ever think these signs are essential safety tool? Exit sign can not only help you to navigate in unknown territory, but also save your life in case of emergency. The only disatvantage is consumption of electricity and big energy bills.

But we live in 21st century and new technologies make things easy today. One of these great technologies – self luminous exit signs combining energy efficiency and real safety together. These signs are “powered” by chemical elements (tritium gas) and do not require any electricity to operate. Just think how much money self luminous signs could save! Sounds interesting? If so, there is another kind of signs dedicated to reduce energy bills.

I talk about photoluminescent exit signs. These signs are similar to “glow-in-the-dark” stars. They just absorb the light and glow in the dark when power goes out. Another source of money saving!

Of course, I’m not 100% sure if you love to save the money by reducing bills, but if so, it’s never too late start saving. One of first things you can do – replace your old exit signs with new self luminous or photoluminescent plates and enjoy watching how energy bills get lower and lower. What a feeling…