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Winter is Coming

It’s getting really cold here… Well, winter is almost here, so be ready to turn on air heating systems soon. Don’t have any? Your old heating system needs to be replaced with new one, or properly serviced before using it? Don’t worry, I had similar problem and it was solved easily. How? Read on…

Probably you will not be able to service air heating or conditioning system yourself (me too), and finding experienced technicians is the best choice. B&R is one of Dallas air conditioning system providers you may go with. It’s family owned business that provides high quality air heating and conditioning products and dependable service since 1979. Because B&R is family business, you can be sure about 100% satisfaction: they offer personal care for each customer, and probably is is the main reason for their success.

Moreover, B&R website is very different from other companies. It’s simple (but very easy to understand) website full of honest answers about air conditioners and heaters. While some other companies do nohing but write nice looking sales pitches to get new buyers, B&R thinks different. They provide basic details about products offered, and answer all questions customers may be interested in. If you want to know how much you will save in electricity bills by replacing old unit, how to service and prepare your current system, how often filters should be replaced, and find answers on similar topics, don’t forget to visit Frequently Asked Questions section first.

What else I can say about B&R Air Conditioning & Heating? They answer phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (nice, isn’t it?), and are focused on providing the most dependable, economical and professional heating and air conditioning units available today. And if you are looking for air conditioning in Dallas, this family owned business is the right answer!