Free Money

Post title sounds funny, right? But it’s true – there is free money around, but only some people know how to get them. Of course, don’t expect to see the money rain – we are living in real world, remember? This time I’ll try to explain you about small business grants – cash gifts from government that never have to be paid back. Who said the government is just about sucking your money?

So what’s the catch? Government gives these valuable “gifts” only for persons who want to start their own business or expand current business (by buying some companies or investing into new technologies and equipment, for example) and each of US business grants may vary from $25.000 to $1.000.000 (this is not a typo – I really mean a million of dollars). All you need to do – be United States citizen or legal resident of this country. The government is not any kind of bank, so other things like credit history, security deposits or co-signers are not required. Some persons get business grants even if they have a bankruptcy!

While it costs nothing to apply for US small business grants, it’s very good idea to have some knowledge how everything works, so you can maximize chances to get free money from the federal government. There are many paid resources on the Internet regarding this topic, but it’s not very smart to start buying everything. In this case I recommend you to visit – it contains not only useful information about business grants, but also contains reviews about websites offering so called “grant programs”, so you may read comments by experienced finance specialists and choose the best option possible. Don’t let the free money to go away!