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Save Your Time With Answering Service

Since my earlier entry about business phone systems, I got many emails from blog readers who are interested in this topic and ask for more information about phone systems and similar things. This entry is dedicated to phone answering service, and includes all the information you need to know before getting this kind of service. So enough chit-chat, let’s start…

Everyone knows that customers just love to feel a personal attention and receive customized service. It really helps to keep current customers and attract new people. And if persons have any troubles or want additional details regarding some special questions, they want only clear facts, fast and accurate response, and nothing more. Professional answering services can be an ideal choice in this case. So what should you know before ordering this service?

First of all, the company should be well known and trusted. Trying to save several bucks may cause a big loss later, so ensure you choose the best provider available. Other aspects to consider: pick-up time (it should be as fast as possible, because no one likes long waiting), experienced and professional receptionists (so they can provide good and relevant answers), specialized call screening option (really important thing). Of course, some extras like your own #800 number, voicemail and interface with company website adds great benefits to answering service.

If possible, go with a company that offers personalized solutions and custom software design. It may cost a little bit more, but having software designed based on your business requirements will save your time and money later. A free trial never hurts so signup for test account if possible, or ask for live demo at least. 99.9% blog readers should agree it’s essential to test the service before using it. Spend some time testing it and prevent yourself from moving from one company to another company later (if first provider will not match your expectations, for example).

If you are in search of answering service company already, try They offer all the features listed above (actually offers much, much more, including 7 day free trial…), has very good knowledgebase (FAQ) on their site with answers to common questions and can provide personal service for many industries from home-based business to government, so you will surely find the best option based on personal needs. Or check live demo first – you will be impressed!