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Slides to DVD?

If you are not very young person, probably you have old 35mm slides with old good memories somewhere at home. But when you have used these slides last time? I know, I know… they contain low picture quality and it’s the main problem. But did you know it’s possible to transfer slides to CD or DVD nowadays? If you care about quality of slide copies on CD, here are good news – the quality is even better than using original slides!

Yes, it’s true. Actually, slides far exceeded the quality of prints and 35mm slide transfer service just proves it for everyone. How it can be done? Each single slide is scanned at 3000 DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution first. Then (using special techniques) scanning system restores original colors, contrast and removes scratches as well. Finally, high quality images are copied to CD or DVD.

However, if you don’t need extra high quality of pictures and all you need is getting irreplaceable memories to be converted to digital format (so they could be watched on TV) in same quality like original slides, cheaper packages are available. Everything depends on customer needs and expectations.

Some blog readers may think that slide transfer could damage original slides with irreplaceable memories. No way. Professional and experienced staff always takes extra precautions when transferring 35mm slides to CD or DVD. Moreover, digital backup of each slide is stored for 25 days to ensure customers will receive them safely.

Finally, more good news for you. Video Conversion Experts offers amazing 35% discount until December 30th. So you can not only make digital copies of old slides and preserve good memories, but also save big with Video Conversion Experts. There are 9 days left, so hurry up!