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Film to DVD

After writing a few posts about transferring slides to DVD, I got more questions from blog readers, who were interested in this service. Some readers asked me if there is similar service for 8mm or 16mm film transfer and what are my recommendations (if any). Yes, it’s possible to transfer films to DVD easily, and there are good companies offering this kind of service. Which one I can recommend? Read on…

I had great experience with Video Conversion Experts previously (when transferring old slides to DVD), so decided to check what Video Conversion Experts can offer for people who want to transfer 8mm and/or 16mm film to DVD. As always, I was able to choose different packages – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. What’s the difference? Bronze package is very cheap and video quality is lower than original film, and Platinum package offers very high quality video (even better than original film) and high definition transfer. Personally I prefer gold package – it has fair pricing, very good video quality, and “Hollywood Restoration” technology is used when transferring film to DVD. It’s just perfect for my needs.

Order process is simple and contains 3 steps only – you choose desired package, format, and… fill out order form. Also here is some good news for people, who would like to get exact pricing. Video Conversion Experts has online quote form, where customers can calculate final price for 8mm film to DVD and other services. Fast, simple and easy.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention another thing. If you will place order until January 21st, up to 35% discount will be applied. So why not to hurry up transferring your films to DVDs and save some money?