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More LED Lights…

Right after publishing a previous article about Christmas lights, LED lighting systems and electrical decorations, I got several emails from blog readers who asked for more details and useful resources about LED decorations. So I spent a little bit more time browsing hundreds of pages on the Internet and found really cool stuff there – long-lasting LED candles. So read the full article if you are interested…

So what is the LED candle exactly? As you may guess, it is the flameless alternative to the standard wax candle. This luminary provides warm amber light that looks like a real candle. Some old-fashioned people will say that real candles are better, and I will not try to argue, but battery operated candles are the better choice in most cases. LEDs don’t produce any dirty soot or smoke, have no fire risk, do not flicker (some people don’t like it) and still provide a warm ambience around. LED candle operates up to 40-45 hours using single battery and it’s the way longer than standard wax candle.

LED candles don’t cost tons of money, really. Standard battery operated candle costs about $3 only (battery is included in this price), and more advanced items may cost about $5. Of course, there are many different candles to choose from, and if you are looking for something very very special and similar to real wax candle, you may get realistic flickering LED candles! This is not a joke – these types of candles provide a warm white light with a realistic flicker. Perfect choice for parties, receptions and home decoration. also offers flickering LED candles with vanilla scented wax. It not just looks like a real candle, it even smells like a real candle!

Needless to say, you may choose between more cool items on their online shop, so don’t delay. There are great discounts available at the moment and you can’t miss this opportunity!