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Crazy Laptop

Before you are going to read more, let me say it’s not a post about online business, website promotion or similar topic. Well, it’s about my personal money making machine – my laptop. I wasted more than 2 days trying to find out what was wrong. And because it’s holiday here, I just decided to write about it…

2 days ago, when I was working on important project using laptop (adding new features into automated social bookmarking software), it went crazy. Battery indicator was blinking like Christmas lights and Windows was switching between normal and power saving modes every few minutes. “Something wrong with laptop and it really needs to get inspected and repaired” – I thought and turned it off after saving all work done. Later, laptop was powered on again and everything worked well. No more crazy battery lights… but not long. The same thing has happened again…

I was going to bring laptop (one of ASUS A6000 entertainment series) back to the store for repair, but it was Sunday, so I just powered it off and and switched into “normal” desktop computer. The next day I came into work room and saw my girlfriend working with laptop without any problems. “How long you are working?” I asked and she replied back – “Over 2 hours. The battery will be empty shortly”. So laptop was just fine while running on battery. Needless to say, I felt like an idiot then. Why oh why I didn’t test laptop ac adapter first?

Finally, this “big” problem was solved by getting a new ac adapter from nearest hardware store. It took me 2 days to diagnose problem and “repair” ASUS laptop. What a waste of time! So if you will ever experience problems with your laptop, be sure to check ac adapter first – getting a new one may save lots of time and money!