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Exit Signs

As you may know already, I receive many different emails from blog readers. Most of these emails are requests to review various products or services (from A to Z) and make these reviews available to the public. Some time ago I wrote about exit signs and some readers asked me to post a similar topic again. So if you were one of these readers, check out my new review below.

First of all, I had to spend some time searching for companies offering this kind of products, comparing them between each other, and so on… After a few days of research and comparison, I decided to write about, because this company was the best one. Why? Well, let’s start from beginning. There are many different kinds of exit signs, and each good company MUST offer as many items as possible. team did its homework very well – you may find LED, photoluminescent exit signs and even Braille signs here! To be honest, this is the first company I saw that offers Braille plates.

Another very important thing – pricing. Lower price always looks better, but we care about quality too, right? Most of high quality sings are priced between $150 and $200, what is a fair price. Finally, if we talk about money saving, there are more great news. You can buy self luminous exit signs from this company. These signs costs lower than $200 and do not require any external power source or battery backup! That’s right. They use a mechanism similar to fluorescent lighting, but using Tritium instead of an electrical current, so you can forget about electricity bills. And these signs last more than 10 years! Cool, isn’t it?

Surely, I found other benefits while reviewing this company, but it will take hours to list all of them here. So be sure to check out right now or bookmark URL for future needs – you will really need it!