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Looking for a House Plan

If you read this blog often, you should remember I wrote about thoughts to buy a new house. House pricing became even lower yet, so it’s perfect time to get my own house. And one of essential things I need – house plan perfectly fitting my personal needs and lifestyle. To be honest, I thought that buying house plans is a real pain. And you know what? It’s not!

Actually, many house buyers believe it’s time consuming, confusing and overwhelming, but I realized it’s enough to answer several simple questions when buying home plans and it will lead to great success.

First of all, analyze how big your family is. Do you have children? Yes? How many? Do you plan to have children in near future? It really makes a big difference. Also think if you need guest rooms or extra living space for overnight guests. Don’t forget to think about your own personal needs. For example, I’m working at home, so I really need office space and privacy in work room. No one busy person wants other family members to disturb his work.

Other places worth considering are: kitchen (I prefer big, sunny kitchen with lots of space, while other persons think in completely different way), laundry room (how big it should be), bedroom (the most important place in the house for me) and personal living spaces.

But don’t limit yourself with indoor plans only. If your family enjoys spending time outdoor, take some time planning outdoor yard space as well. It will not hurt. Think what activities your family prefers prefer, how much privacy you need from neighbors, and so on…

Once you will have answers to these simple questions, you will realize that buying home or floor plans is easier than expected. It will bring lots of happiness and joy for you and your family.