Selling Structured Settlement?

Hello everyone. I made last post on this blog more than a month ago, and readers started attacking me with questions like “When you will make next post about financial services or online services?” and similar messages. Well, I was a little bit busy about structured settlements (long story…) for last days. So guess – what is this post about? That’s right, it’s about deferred payments and cash for settlements. So continue reading if you are interested!

A structured settlement is a financial or insurance arrangement including periodic payments. But… what if claimant wants to get cash quickly to solve his financial crises? If person receives only several dollars every month, sometimes it’s just not enough. And you know what is even worse? They have no idea it’s possible to legally sell structured insurance settlement for cash up front.

Well, it doesn’t mean that you come to any person and ask – “Hey, would you like buying my structured insurance settlement?”. But you can sell it to a direct funding company. But when it comes to money, you should go with trusted and well known company only. With Settlement Purchasers, for example. It’s a direct funding company working since 1988. Yes, it’s more than 20 years in business! However, business experience is not the only thing to consider. Another important thing – service quality and rates. You wouldn’t like a company to rip you off, would you?

I experienced Settlement Purchasers offers great rates. And not only… According to my personal experience, their customer service is… outstanding. It’s the best service I ever experienced with direct funding company. So if you are looking to sell annuity, check out this company first. You may even get annuity quote online here!