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Trackback Submitter Reviews

Many months have passed since my first post about trackback protocol, links building and website promotion using automated tools like Trackback Submitter. It’s natural some readers started asking me how effective trackback protocol is today. Is it effective? How effective trackbacks are? What tools should be used for trackbacks posting? These and more questions came to my inbox during last few months…

Actually, I read so many opinions about trackback protocol, that I was forced to make a new experiment to find out how effective trackbacks are today. The main reason for this new article was posts of some Internet “gurus” who told that using trackbacks leads nowhere. Wow, how “smart” they are!

As you will find out in my article, trackbacks are still very effective today and can help you getting indexed fast and ranked well in all major search engines (including Google). So stop listening to those losers who have no idea what they talk about, and see the real facts in my new article at Squidoo.

How well trackbacks work today?