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Advertising via Mail List

“Here comes a new article about spam” – this is what you thought after reading post title above, right? I don’t know if it’s good or bad news, but I will not talk about spam today. I do NOT support email spam in any way, and I never write about this way of products or services marketing. However, you should understand that direct mailing lists are completely DIFFERENT. So let’s discuss mailing lists today.

When persons do simple email spam, they just get as many email addresses as possible, and send dumb advertising (like ‘buy v1agra’, ‘cheap r0lex’, etc.) to these emails. Needless to say this method never provides good results, because it’s not targeted at all. It’s just impossible to target the audience while sending emails to thousands of randomly selected people. No way!

But you should know that targeted email advertising works really well. Why? Because you can buy lists of companies and/or individuals highly interested in your niche. For example, if you offer webhosting services, you can email only persons who need and WANT this kind of service. This strategy not only saves lots of time and resources (no need to email people who will simply delete message without reading it), but also increases conversion ratio dramatically.

Also it’s completely legal, because you will send commercial offers to persons who agreed to receive these offers. Not only you will see more and more leads or sales, but you will have nothing to worry about when using direct mail list.

If you want to know how effective this service is, I can tell you – it’s really effective. The company (I was working with 3-4 years ago) advertised health care related products via mail listings, and their sales were big, really big. It just proves targeted email advertising works, doesn’t it?