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Getting My Party Planned

You know, I’m really busy person. Just like you. So it makes no wonder I have no time for long holiday, summer parties, etc. I can enjoy my holiday only in August or September, when most of projects are completed and new websites launched to the public. Unfortunately, I’m SOOO busy, that I have no free time planning holiday and other important events (corporate parties, anniversaries, cocktail parties…), and I always prefer using holiday event planner. This year I found something new, and you can read my experience below…

Actually, I was looking for a company (or simply holiday party planner) which could make a party with my friends and good business partners to be very, very special. I don’t want this event to be “just another boring party”, so I need impeccable service and experienced people who are involved every step of the way. Like always, I opened Google and started searching… 2 or 3 companies (meeting my requirements and expectations) were bookmarked, and after deeper research I finally decided going with Why?

First of all, this woman owned company has been in business for over 20 years. It just proves they love what they do, doesn’t it? Second very important thing – it was the only company offering complete solutions for different events (from sweet sixteen birthdays to weddings). Our family will be looking for Christmas event planner shortly, and I prefer single company managing all events.

After running into a quick conversation, I was pretty satisfied with answers. A little bit later staff has contacted me with estimated pricing and provided more details about event. To keep it short, I must tell you it was one of the best parties in my life! After that I even asked them to plan Christmas party in December and they promised to take care of everything from Christmas decorations to valet. Be sure I will post a topic about this party too!

Oh, I remember one more thing. When I contacted them for the first time and asked how good their service is, sales representative told me – “We can turn ice into snow for you in California”, and I smiled. But now I am sure they really can do it!