Receiving Cash for Structured Settlements

Almost 3 months ago I posted a topic about selling structured settlement and was flooded with questions about receiving cash for structured settlement. People were asking not only if this is legal (yes, it’s 100% LEGAL!), but also for recommendations choosing the best company. If you got some free time, continue to the next chapter!

There are tens or even hundreds of companies that can buy structured settlements from you, but how good they are? Let’s see… I will be reviewing Settlement Capital Corporation today, because it’s one of most reputable companies around.

Settlement Capital has been purchasing annuity payments from individuals for over 20 years (company has been established in 1988), and during this period company has achieved very good reputation in this business. After talking to sales person, I found that people from Settlement Capital are friendly and ready to help for their clients. This is how I tested their service…

First of all, I sent them a message with annoying questions like “Why should I choose your company?”, “Why do people prefer receiving cash for structured settlements instead of receiving monthly payments?”, “Why should I sell structured settlements?”, and similar. All questions were answered fast and promptly. Each answer was full of useful details and examples.

Later, I asked for free, no obligation quote and received it fast, really fast. Well, I didn’t sell any structured settlement to Settlement Capital (because I hadn’t any), but it was enough to check how well this company does its job. Yes, I was more than happy dealing with them, and I can highly recommend Settlement Capital to anyone who is interesting receiving cash for structured settlements. It’s one of the best companies around!