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Share in a Frame

I swear that people get more and more creative every day. I got unique gift today, and I’m 100% sure you have no idea what kind of gift it was. I’m not going to tease you – it was share in high quality wooden frame. You understood right – it was one REAL share of a publicly traded company! To be honest, it was the most creative gift I ever got.

As soon as I saw my gift, I started laughing so loud… Why? I really thought it was damn good joke! So this person had to repeat “hey man, it’s real stuff” for several times.

What is the best thing about this gift? It can actually increase in value over time! I’m never going to sell my gift, but it’s good to know that value of share in a frame will be higher in the future. It should be nice to see what share is worth after ten, twenty or more years. Sure, it’s possible to sell share at any time (because it’s REAL, remember?), but I don’t believe anyone will do that. Not just because it’s a gift.

Share in a frame also “works” like a perfect decoration for my computer desk now, and it will stay here forever. Oh, if you are wondering what kind of share I got, wonder no more. It’s Disney stock! A beautiful document that features a prominent portrait of Walt, surrounded by a bunch of the cartoon characters he helped bring to life.