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Automatic Scuttle Submitter – Bookmarking to Scuttle Automatically

There are so many website promotion tools on the Internet today, that it becomes really hard to choose the best one. However, most of experienced webmasters use several different tools to get the best results possible. One of common problems about different tools – they are too much similar. So it’s a good time to try something REALLY NEW!

If you have some websites already, you should know social bookmarking is the most effective website promotion method today. Social networks not only drive massive traffic, but also help getting better search engine rankings (what is most important). It’s natural there are several different social bookmarking tools around (like Social Bookmarks Submitter), BUT these bookmark your sites to popular social networks only. Sounds good, but it wouldn’t you like getting even more traffic and backlinks?

Probably you know about popular Scuttle web-based social bookmarking script allowing multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online. This script is so popular, that there are THOUSANDS of Scuttle powered systems on the Internet, because each person can install this script and run his own social bookmarks network.

Only if you could submit your sites to these Scuttle powered sites, you could receive thousands of backlinks instantly. I know, it sounds amazing, but it’s very time consuming. Bookmarking single page may take up to 3 minutes, so you can create bookmarks on 20 Scuttle sites per hour. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. That’s why Automatic Scuttle Submitter (automated bookmarking software which will save your time and money) was released to the public – to help you building links and getting massive traffic on autopilot!

Automatic Scuttle Submitter is 100% automatic social bookmarking software designed to submit your domains to thousands of Scuttle sites. Not only Automatic Scuttle Submitter creates accounts and bookmarks sites automatically, but also parses meta tags for each URL and runs itself in background without any user interaction.

Sounds good? Well, here is more good news. This tool can be installed as plugin for Social Bookmarks Submitter in seconds, so you can combine the power of both tools in single package. While Social Bookmarks Submitter will bookmark your pages to 40+ most popular social networks, Automatic Scuttle Submitter will submit these pages to additional Scuttle sites at the same time!

Well, what else I can say? This combination of both tools is the most effective website promotion method on the Internet, so don’t miss it! Install these tools, start bookmarking, see how your search engine rankings become better and better every day, and make your competitors to worry! Today!

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