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Interesting Divorce Story

First of all, let me say it’s not related my personal life. I’m not even married, so I don’t think about divorce. But one of my business partners (woman) from Dallas is looking for Dallas divorce attorney at the moment, because her happy life is over. I had no response to my emails from her for several days, so I was worried a little. But she has contacted me yesterday and explained what is going on. It’s really interesting story…

She was married for about 10 year when something unexpected has happened. Her husband took their daughter to the restaurant on weekend (nothing unusual, right?). The most interesting part starts here… Daughter came back at home told to mother – “You know what? I really like daddy’s new friend. SHE is so nice and has long blond hair”. Needless to say, this woman was shocked.

Right after talking to her husband, she decided to look for Dallas divorce lawyer immediately. Yes, it was true – her husband found new 25 years old “girlfriend” 3 months ago and decided introducing her to his daughter. Without saying any word to wife! You know, I’m not the best person in the world, but even I have no idea why he decided to “inform” wife about upcoming divorce in this way (which is really interesting, to be honest).

That’s all I know so far… I have no idea when and how this divorce story will be finished, and I wish all the best for my partner finding really experienced divorce lawyer in Dallas now. It’s not just because she is my business partner, it’s because I really can’t understand any man acting in this way… You found a new girlfriend and don’t want to live with your wife anymore? That’s fine, talk about this situation to her, but don’t play “funny games” with your kids!