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New York Holidays

It’s Friday night, 0.37 AM here, and I’m spending time in work room with my computer. I don’t have an interest going to the night club or any party tonight, and don’t want to sleep yet, so spend my time browsing the Internet, but it gets so boring now, that I must write something. Yes, filling this blog with new entries really makes me happy. So what this post is about? It’s holidays New York! Read on…

Well, I never was in New York, but my younger brother has spent a fantastic week in this big city. Many people will say it’s really expensive, but I’m ready to prove it’s not. I agree, New York is not one of the cheapest cities in the world, so if you plan visiting it, be ready to spend SOME money. Probably the most expensive part of New York holidays is hotel. Spending 7 nights in hotel may cost about $2500-3000 per person (3 or 4 stars hotel with bed and breakfast).

However, my brother booked a room with company which works directly with airline and accommodation partners who provide great value flight and hotel rates that are used exclusively for creating amazing holiday. For only $2500 he ordered 4 stars hotel room + flight from London to New York and back. I’m not kidding, that’s true. Yes, it’s possible saving so much when dealing with right company.

Please, don’t tell me it’s a lot of money. $2500 for flight, 8 days and 7 amazing nights enjoying holiday New York is really fair. Probably it’s one of the best prices I ever saw. I wish I had more free time to experience this myself…