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Thinking about Business Gifts

You know, that special date is coming. Yes, I mean Christmas – time for giving and receiving gifts to/from people you love and care about. I’m pretty sure you already have good ideas what to buy for your parents, girlfriend or boyfriend, son or daughter. But didn’t you forget anything? What about business partners or existing customers? Show them you care!

I don’t mean that it’s very clever idea sending expensive gifts, but what about simple yet stylish business gifts? What is the best thing about business gifts? No matter what kind of gift you will send, person will be happy! Yes, even if you will send him a simple mouse mat or metal keyring with logo and/or slogan of your business, it will make this person to smile. Why? He will see you really care.

But promotional merchandise is not just a keyring. You can impress customers with pens, mugs, bags, stylish umbrellas, etc. Looking for something even more unique? Any good promotional merchandise store will offer you clocks and watches, computer accessories, games, travel accessories, and other cool stuff.

For example, I’m working with online marketing company from USA for about 2 years. They sent me nice vacuum-flask 2 years ago, and sent me stress-toy (2 magnets making cool sound when touched together) last Christmas. Not a big deal, but I can tell you – it made me to feel REALLY SPECIAL. Not because it was an expensive gift (it was not), but because I could feel this company believes I’m valuable business partner. Who knows what they will send this year… Conference bags?

I don’t mean you should give business gifts for each customer or business partner, but I’m sure you have at least several persons you really care about, don’t you?