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Trackback Submitter Premium Is Live

Finally! After long months of waiting Trackback Submitter 5 (also known as Trackback Submitter Premium now) was released to the public! If you don’t know what Trackback Submitter is, or how this powerful software can help you building unlimited number of high quality backlinks, getting indexed faster, receiving more traffic and increasing overall earnings, I suggest reading Trackback Submitter reviews first. And if you own world’s first automatic trackback software already, you should be interested what new features were introduced in version 5.

Here is the latest changelog for your interest:

New installation wizard;
New administration interface;
New blogs parsing engine;
New trackbacks posting engine;
New verified reports engine;
Software can be installed as Comment Poster plugin;
You can limit number of submitted trackbacks;
Option to use predefined variables in comments;
Option to select permanent or random anchor text when posting trackbacks;
Support for multiple proxy servers at the same time;
System overview section;
Code optimizations to reduce server load;
Updated user guide;
Tons of other tweaks and new features;

Let me explain a little bit more… New installation wizard not only has redesigned layout, but is easier to use, and software can be installed with single mouse click now. All settings are configured automatically.

New administration interface not only makes trackback software management easier than ever (all settings can be configured with single mouse click), but also bring many new features like blacklist management, system overview section, and more.

Needless to say, most important updates are improved trackbacks posting and verified report engines. Not only these are much faster now, but also provide better results for webmasters.

One of other long waited improvements – support for random proxy servers. Software allows entering unlimited number of different proxy servers now, and rotates proxy servers randomly during each submission. Of course, full TOR support is available too.

Trackback Submitter 5 also brings hundreds of other changes and improvements, but I believe these are most important. If you don’t have this tool yet, download it today from Trackback Submitter website and start building thousands of high quality backlinks right now!

If you own a copy of this powerful SEO tool already, be sure to upgrade and experience even better results using world’s first trackback software!