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PHPDug Social Poster – New Bookmarking Experience

Do you remember powerful Automatic Scuttle Submitter tool? If not, see more information here. When I wrote about this software recently, I was flooded with emails. Many webmasters were asking me if there is any similar bookmarking software for PHPDug script. Yes, it is! It was released yesterday. It is PHPDug Social Poster!

So what is PHPDug Social Poster exactly? PHPDug Social Poster is world’s first automatic social bookmarking software designed for social sites powered by PHPDug script. PHPDug Social Poster enables you promoting unlimited number of domains on autopilot. Moreover, software not only bookmarks domains automatically, it also creates unlimited number of social accounts automatically! Domains and accounts are rotated randomly, so each your bookmark looks like posted by real person!

Sounds good? Sure it does! PHPDug is world’s most popular bookmarking script (even more popular than Scuttle), and if you will search Google for keyword ‘powered by PHPDug’, you will find thousands of websites using this script. Do you realize you can get thousands of extra backlinks from these sites? On autopilot! Moreover, most of PHPDug social sites use dofollow links (unlike Scuttle), what means not only you will get better rankings, but also higher Google PageRank (some sites powered by PHPDug have really high PageRank).

If you got a copy of world’s most popular social bookmarking software called Social Bookmarks Submitter, probably you think now – “Is it worth getting this tool?“. Yes, it’s worth! Why? First of all, PHPDug Social Poster costs only $69 and it’s the cheapest automatic social bookmarking tool in the world. And one of the most powerful tools at the same time! Second, my personal tests reveal that creating additional bookmarks on PHPDug powered sites can increase website traffic by 12-15% extra! So if one of your sites attracts 1000 visitors per month, it will attract 1120-1150 visitors from now. Remember: each visitor makes the money!

Now, even better news! I am very happy to give $20 discount for all my blog readers who want to order the latest social bookmarking tool – PHPDug Social Poster. Using coupon code ‘ycp49’ (without quotes) on order page, you will receive additional $20 discount and PHPDug Social Poster will cost only $49 for you!

I don’t know how long this coupon code will be valid, so you better hurry up and get PHPDug Social Poster as soon as you can. You can download it from PHPDug Social Poster homepage.