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The History of Roses

Wow, someone really loves me! Several minutes ago I have received… red roses. That’s right, I got rose bouquet with interesting note attached – “Will see you soon… Girl X“. I was really surprised, and have no idea who sent this beautiful bouquet for me. Anyways, I have more than enough free time this month, so I decided to check out the history of roses… Yes, it’s not related to Internet business in any way (this is what this blog was made for), but it’s really interesting. So continue reading if you got 5 free minutes!

Roses have really long history. Needless to say, roses are symbols of LOVE. Moreover, rose is 35 million years old, and was also used for medicinal purposes, and as a source of perfume. Interesting flower, isn’t it?

Oh well, back to the story… It’s the first time in my life when unknown girl sent beautiful red roses for me. And you know what? I really like it! To be honest, I also feel a little bit confused (“Who is she?” – that’s the only question I have in my head for last 30 minutes), but I believe this “big secret” will be revealed very shortly.

Now comes the most interesting part… I have a girlfriend already. Fortunately, she was not here when flowers were delivered, and I hope she will not see this bouquet. Otherwise she will start screaming “What the hell!?, I know her… But I also know a little bit of cheating makes life more interesting, doesn’t it? ;)