Time to Buy Gold and Silver

Crisis, crisis and crisis once again – this is the only word we hear every day. Everybody loves posting negative opinions about finance, stock market, investments and other related things. It seems that everybody believes crisis just gets started and we will have the worst nightmare ever. I understand many people lost their jobs and homes recently. Even prices in stock markets are as low as never. But this is a good time for other people. It’s a golden opportunity for people who want to reach new profitable markets today and watch their profits soar! It’s time to buy gold and silver now!

Since the beginning of 2002, the gold price in US dollars increased by 130%. Can you imagine that!? It’s more than 20% per year! And similar profit for silver. But profit is not the only reason to buy silver. There is another very important reason. It helps to preserve your savings. Assume you had placed $10,000 into 3-month U.S. Treasury Bills at the beginning of 2002. At the end of five years, the buying power of your money would have decreased by -$116.19, or -1.2%, when taking inflation into account. If instead you had used $5,000 to purchase gold and silver ($2,500 each) and put the other $5,000 into 3-month U.S. Treasury Bills, your buying power would have increased by $5,977.28, a gain of 59.8%.

Sounds too good to be true? Sorry, but it is true… This is how smart people get rich – they don’t waste money for risky stock shares when prices get lower and lower. Instead, they buy silver to preserve their savings and make money the easy way. Can you think of any reason not to become one of these happy people?