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Got New Car

Less than a month ago I bought another car for daily use. Black and solid VW Phaeton with 6 liters W12 engine (which sounds great, trust me). While it’s more comfortable than my previous car (Daimler V8 Super Long, which is actually a custom and hand-made version of the most expensive Jaguar XJR model), I must admit Daimler delivers much better performance (It does 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds only. Not bad for long and heavy car). However, I spent weeks looking for trusted car ratings and reviews before getting VW Phaeton, and I would love to share my experience with you.

I used website to find up-to-date reviews, photos and consumer ratings. This site contains hundreds or even thousands of reviews – from Saturn Aura car (which I don’t like personally, but it’s just my opinion) to new and re-designed 2009 model of Dodge Caliber (this one looks much better for me).

All you need to do – select car type (new or used), make and model. Then hit “Go” button and get ready for informative articles, useful reviews from independent automotive experts (and honest reviews from car owners), cool pictures and even the latest news about selected model. It makes no difference what kind of car you choose (it can be even Smart Car), this website always brings a truckload of useful information and facts.

It’s no secret buying a new or used car is really important investment, so take your time browsing this website to find car which fits all your needs. can protect you from costly and embarrassing mistakes. Aren’t you worth it?

P.S. I’m selling my Daimler V8 Super now, so if you would like to get this amazing car (it’s a real eye-catcher, and very few similar cars are available to buy at the moment), check out its pictures here and contact me for any questions you may have!