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Time to Get New Watch

I think you agree that watch is one of most important accessories today. Brand name designer watches (to be more specific – wristwatches) always make good impression and are appreciated as collectible works of art sometimes. That’s why there are so many different models in the market – from simple and low priced to extremely expensive watches (which are sometimes appreciated as collectible). However, many people don’t like (or simply can’t afford) wasting a truckload of money buying luxurious watches, but they still want to have good looking, solid and reliable item. Me too. It’s because I’m looking for new watch right now.

Actually, I want to buy a new watch for my girlfriend, because her old watch needs to be repaired. So it should (no, it MUST!) act like a jewellery too (all girls like “bling-bling” stuff). I found several online stores offering items which meet all my needs and expectations, but only very few stores can offer fair pricing. I’m looking at Moores Jewellers right now, because my brother ordered 2 watches from this company (it was about 6 or 7 months ago, if I remember correctly) and he was happy about service and pricing.

However, I’m still not sure what wristwatch to choose. I like Breil Milano and Citizen watches because of good build quality, and my girlfriend prefers Calvin Klein brand. However, I never had any wristwatch from Calvin Klein, so I can’t say if these are good or bad. Prices are not high and I don’t expect to see outstanding design/build quality, but I hope it will be better than average.

P.S. If someone could post any comments/reviews about Calvin Klein Ladies Bangle Watch K3424706 (we are looking at this model), it would be great!