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Get Out of the Office

I don’t have any “normal” job now (being my own boss), but I was invited to join great team building event last week. It was dedicated for cool persons from big pharmacy company I was working as head admin in IT sector years ago. Wondering what kind of outdoor activity we had? Treasure hunt!

And you know what? It was one of the best corporate events I ever saw. This game was designed to test any team’s planning, delegation, communication and time & team management skills. Needless to say, it was more than fun! My impression was so big, that I started searching for more team building events on the Internet. Why? It’s because my close friend wants to create fun and unique corporate day for people from his own company.

After several search queries I found exactly what I was looking for. A company which offers not only outdoor team building events (like treasure hunts, activity days, fun days, team days, bespoke events), but also indoor themed and evening events, venues and conferences, and more. Being a good guy (really!) I asked for a free quote (saving friend’s time) to find out how much “Spy School (full day)” event may cost for a group of 20 people. Final price was lower than expected. So I simply forwarded this offer to my friend and waiting for his decision.

If you never had any corporate event, take a look at TEAM BUILDING gallery (just click “Gallery” link in navigation bar) for some photos. Looks fun, right? So why don’t you book team building events for people from your company (if you are CEO)? They will love it. And if you are an employee, ask your employer for activity day. Because it’s not just about fun. It’s an essential part of a successful business. So get out of the office and have fun. Now!