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Looking for International Removals Service

As you may know already, my girlfriend works in #1 night club in this country (club “EXIT”) and this club gets moved from Kaunas city (the original location) to Palanga (a seaside resort town in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea) every summer. Try to imagine how “fun and easy” it is to move everything (documents and various papers, computers, office equipment and even alcohol drinks) from one city to another. It took about 2 weeks! Only later (when everything was relocated) we have discovered international removals service. Damn!

Oh well, it’s never too late to learn from your mistakes. Club will need to be moved back to Kaunas city at the end of summer, and club management already knows who will do this dirty job for them. Most likely they will go with ‘Doree Bonner International’ – a well known and reputable removals company that offers office relocation, international removals, household removals, animal transportation and secure storage services.

Why do I like this company? First of all, I love their website (being website developer, I pay a lot of attention to site design and layout). Useful information (detailed description of services, contact details, free quote form, etc.) is just single click away from homepage, what means you will never have to waste lots of time trying to find something. Everything is as simple and easy as possible.

Another thing – a wide selection of services. I always prefer dealing with single company (instead of hiring one company to do one job, hiring a different company for another job, etc.) and most likely these guys can handle the job from start to finish.

It’s a well know truth that you always get what you pay for, but money saving is also important for me. I never go with cheapest product/service around, but if I can save a few bucks without any negative effect to product/service quality, why should I pay more? I have discovered Doree Bonner International offers really fair pricing (check it out yourself, if you don’t trust in me). What does it mean? Not only they save your time (lots of time, actually) but also save your money. Sounds good, and there is nothing else to say… It’s time for REMOVALS!